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Mens fashion has not seen much change over the centuries. In reality, you may feel limited or restricted by the options in the market as well as the way in which you can express your individual style. With Mr. Angel Shoes, you are presented with a wide and varied selection of top quality mens shoes to show the world who you really are!

Whether you are on the lookout for top quality office shoes, dress shoes or the perfect casual pair, the Mr. Angel range is rich with excellent options to suit your needs perfectly. Made by the dexterous hands of highly qualified craftsmen, you can always expect the best of quality and long term use with Mr. Angel Shoes.

Shoes for Men

Aside from our extensive selection, you can also design your own shoes for men if you are on the lookout for something unique and special. Mr. Angel Shoes offers you the unique opportunity to be confident, fashion forward and to obtain top value for your money. So what are you waiting for? Visit our collection and take your pick or design your own shoes and get them delivered right to your doorstep.

MR Angel Shoes by
David Antonacci
4 Ettie St
Redcliffe QLD 4020
+61 (0)426 813 569

If you have been looking for men’s shoes that say something about you, then you've come to the right place. There's definitely something to be said about a man who has a great sense of style in formal shoes. That's the market that we've found has been severely lacking over the years, and have decided to fill that niche by creating designer men’s shoes that you can flaunt at any occasion. These unique men’s shoes can be worn at weddings, to work, or at more casual events, regardless of where you're going. If you can think of an occasion, we probably have the funky men’s shoes that are just right. Our men's dress shoes come with just the right amount of glamour added to these professional designs to give them the glitz they need to outshine the other men’s shoes in the market.

We provide men’s shoes for parties, weddings or formal occasions, no matter the need, we can provide you with the right pair of footwear to compliment any outfit. We are aware of the unique needs of each individual man to be able to have a pair of shoes that says more about them than just a good looking suit. That's why we put the time and effort into developing several styles for the stylish man to choose from. If you're interested in going for a classic look, all of our shoes come in classic black leather that caters to the need to look professional. But plain black leather isn't the only choice we have; you can also choose from shiny black, black suede or black pattern leather to help you complete the professional look you're going for.

However, if you're interested in funky men’s shoes that will add some allure to your favourite outfit, then we also provide a range in a variety of colours and materials that make it easy to coordinate. From exotic red, to blue croc, to grey snake, we have a variety of textures to add some pizzazz to the perfect party shoes when you're out for a night on the town. Having a pair of unique men’s shoes that scream personality and fashion is certainly one way of attracting the attention that you deserve.

For those who are even more daring, our online store allows you to custom tailor any of our designs to create funky shoes that you won't find anywhere else. We allow customers to determine the unique colour and material of every part of the shoe. The sides, toe, heels and the lining can be any colour and material you may choose, and you can even determine the colour of the stitching that holds everything together. All you have to do is choose the kind of shoe that you want to design and create a unique look, which precisely reflects your sense of style. The possibilities are absolutely endless when it comes to creating unique men’s shoes that are unique to your sense of fashion and style.

We're a family-owned business, so we know what unique, personal touches the fashion-conscious man is looking for when he's looking to purchase a pair of shoes. It has to be a pair of footwear that not only looks stylish, but is also capable of capturing the distinctive personality of the wearer. We're the only shoe supplier in the market, who has been capable of capturing the essence of providing unique shoes that do more than simply being worn. They were designed to attract attention, as well as compliment both the wearer and his outfit, no matter the occasion they're being worn to.

We are also capable of shipping to anywhere in the world, making it easy for anyone to give the gift of designer footwear to a friend, family member, or themselves. We have the global market in the palms of our hands when it comes to providing distinct shoes of the kind you won't find anywhere else. These designers’ shoes will make the perfect present for anyone on any occasion, no matter where they order from. That's how much pride we have in every shoe that we make. We go the extra mile to make our designs

be affordable for anyone who wants to look their best at every occasion, especially with the fact that we don't add shipping charges to any of our orders. That way, you can save more money while still being able to wear any of our fashionable, funky men’s shoes. Isn't that what everyone looks for: a great fashionable item that's also affordable?

Why not trust a professional in the business of making men’s shoes who allows you to tailor our designs to your needs? We understand that not every man is built the same or has the same tastes, and requires an exclusive sense of glamour with every outfit that he wears. We allow the fashionable man to have that possibility in his life by providing him with the options that he needs in order create the perfect shoes that will encompass everything about his personality. Menswear doesn’t always have to be boring and drab; they're designed to be fun as well, and we definitely put the "fun" in these funky men’s shoes.

Why not be unique amongst your circle of friends and wow them with these footwear that will definitely turn heads? You could be predictable and boring with traditional men’s shoes, but that can be a drab way to compliment your outfit. Instead, go with the professionally designed and built funky men’s shoes that will reflect your unique sense of fashion that will garner the attention you deserve. You can shine from your head straight down to your toes with these glamorous shoes. Don't let your feet suffer by looking boring. They deserve to look just as good as the rest of you, so go the extra mile in finding the perfect shoes that will make anyone go "wow" when they see them.

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Stunning Shoes- couldn't be happier

Thanks bro, these shoes that are unlike anything we get around here.

L. Armstrong

I would have paid $400 for these!

Your shoes seem like great value.

How do you do it for the money?

K. Wiseman

Outclass the others at work.

Mens shoes are usual so boring. Now I have the edge at work with my new MR Angel Shoe designs.

A. Bellington

Don't get better than these for creativity and flair.

My Wedding party loved the choice of shoes from MR Angel Shoes. We now have Hip Wedding photos.

S. Lennon


Italian Owned
Australian Business

MR Angel Shoes by
David Antonacci

MR Angel Shoes
4 Ettie St
Redcliffe QLD 4020
+61 (0) 426 813 569